HyperX Alloy FPS RGB keyboard review: robust and highly customizable

HyperX introduced the Alloy FPS RGB keyboard during the Brazil Game Show 2018, which took place in October. So this is a recent product. It was cool to see that this mechanical keyboard is already using the type of switch called Kailh Silver Speed. The switch is the part under the key that gives contact to send the command to the computer.

Kailh Silver Speed ​​takes its name because it has a lower point of contact, which makes the player turn or make a faster move to get rid of the enemy. In multiplayer games any tenth of a second makes a difference.

The Alloy keyboard also has anti-ghost protection. The ghost is an unwanted effect that happens when we need to press more than two keys at the same time and some keyboards can not identify the third or fourth key and the command is not done. Also highlight the gamer key, which when activated, disables the Windows key, which is very interesting not to cause interruption in the game if this key is accidentally triggered.

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