Review of Ur Beats 3 handset: high quality, low power

ReproduçãoSince the creation of the brand, Beats by Dre has earned the reputation of launching products of the highest standard, combining design and performance. It is no wonder that the company caught the attention of Apple, who decided to acquire the audio equipment manufacturer in 2014, in a deal that involved $ 3 billion.

Despite the expectation of many at the time, Apple did not end the Beats headphones business, and to this day new branded products continue to hit the market to this day. Today’s example is Ur Beats 3, or Ur Beats³, as the brand writes on the packaging and on the website. It is an in-ear earpiece, with microphone integrated into the cord and clean design.

Ur Beats³ phone: design, finishing and extras
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Beats was simple. The look may be basic, but the functionality does not leave anything to be desired, and the silicone tip fits comfortably in the ear.


The simple rounded shape fits in perfect fashion also making a natural cancellation of external noises. The best is the small size, which does not get bounced out of the ear.


Ur Beats³ can be used with or without adjustment flaps

The yarn is flat, which helps in lower weight of the product and helps those who make walks or runs; in this way, the weight of the cord does not keep pulling the handset out of the ear. Although very thin, the cable is rubberized, with reinforcements in both the P2 connector (normal 3.5 mm) and the headphones inputs.


The magnetic bases are a good resource to avoid the tangle when saving
Speaking of exercises, Ur Beats³ comes with flaps to improve fit, offering more safety for sports activities. There are two sizes of tabs that are quite easy to fit into headphones and ears. For all this, it is ideal for those who do physical exercises, since it is light and is quite fixed without disturbing. But it is not to be waterproof. It is also advisable to be aware of the manual, which says that to wipe sweat, it is advisable to wipe with a damp cloth.

In addition to two different sized flaps, the product also comes with three extra silicone tips for the most fitting fit possible for each person. And another extra is the small bag, which, in addition to being lightweight, is sturdy and a great accessory to keep the phone safe and even carry in your pocket without rolling the wires.

The back of the headphones is magnetized and serves to join the two headphones to help prevent the cable from sticking. And it makes sense: with the ends attached, it is much harder for the cable to become entangled. It is a legal resource.

Ur Beats³ phone: audio and microphone quality
Audio quality is something very personal, a difficult item to pin an accurate analysis as it is subjective. In my opinion, the sound quality of this handset is not excellent. The bass was missing. The audio is quite balanced, clear, but lacked a bit of power and more bass, a slightly higher boost and for me would be perfect for an in-ear earphone. The good part is that the sound does not distort, the clarity of the instruments and the voice are great.

The microphone sits inside a discreet casing embedded in the wire, which also has two buttons for volume control and a center button that Beats calls Remote Talk. It has several functions. When pressed continuously, it opens to Siri or the Google assistant; so you can give a voice command directly through the microphone.


It also features turn off, answer a call, play or stop a music track, and advance (with two quick taps) to the next track and back tracks (with 3 quick taps). Just one detail: the handset does not come with lightning adapter to be used on the iPhone. But I tested on an Android smartphone and the commands worked as promised.

The fact that the microphone is at the level of the neck, almost close to the jaw, is great, because when talking on a call it is not necessary to get the equipment closer to the mouth, except in very noisy environments. The audio quality of the calls was great and the microphone was also good on the tests.

Ur Beats³ phone: summary and conclusion
This handset has clear audio, but lacks power, even for an in-ear model. For the price of it, which, depending on the store, is between $ 420 to $ 599 (Apple), the competition can already offer better options in terms of power. For sporting activities, however, it is perfect with lightweight cord and headphones that fit very well in the ears, in addition to reducing external noises. The microphone has great quality and the built-in buttons on the wire (volume, answering a call and playing music) are also accurate to the touch. It is compatible with new iPhones (does not come with lightning adapter). The physical quality is excellent: cab

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