SoundBud Sport NB10 Review: Basic but Good for Sports

Anker is a Chinese company founded in 2011 and produces electronic accessories for use in devices of all brands. In 2018, it has partnered with Positivo Tecnologia to distribute its products throughout Brazil. Recently it also signed an agreement with Vivo for the same purpose.

That said, let’s go to today’s review: a Bluetooth headset from that brand that bears the name SoundBuds Sport NB10.

SoundBud Sport NB10: design and finishing
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First impressions were good when taking the product out of the box. It is an in-ear model and has straps made of plastic and rubber. These handles are thin, fairly flexible, but the rubberized coating offers product resistance.


Of course the headset can be used in any situation, but the fact of having a curve in the loop that passes behind the ear and still a rubber band to adjust the best position behind the head, makes it perfect for fitness activities. The handset fits comfortably and does not loosen during exercise.

It also comes with three more pairs of ear tips, so it’s easier to find the right size and fit the accessory more comfortably. The NB10 is IPx5 certified, a standard that ensures the product withstands small jets of water. Translating: supports rain and resists sweat.


The design of the part that houses all electronics is discreet and lightweight, and the finish helps maintain comfort. The battery charge is made by microUSB and a small cable accompanies the product, along with a small fabric bag to be able to store and carry all these items with more security.

SoundBud Sport NB10: Performance and Features
Three buttons are on the top of the right handset and for me the position is great, easy to access. The end buttons are to increase and decrease the volume and the center button is multifunction: to pair Bluetooth, to pause, to advance to the next track (with 2 rings), to rewind (with 3 rings) and to answer calls that he also has a microphone.


However, do not expect powerful audio. In fact, the sound is low, it has no bass boost, a boost, none of it. The quality is clean, just that, that is, the minimum expected. So if you’re more picky about it, do not get carried away. There is a good side to this, since as long as you practice your sport with it, you can watch around, since the sound has no bass reinforcement.

Another detail is the microphone. If you are in a quiet place, the person listens to you, but as if you are away from the phone. But if you are in places with outside noise, the person can not hear you well.

SoundBud Sport NB10: Battery Life
The battery lasts very close to 6 hours, which Anker promises in the product manual. If you only use for training, you will recharge only a couple of times a week. It is a good autonomy considering the size and lightness of the handset.

I also found it cool that the configuration of Bluetooth on the cell phone to report, in percentage, how much battery remains. A simple solution to have an estimate of how much time we still have to use the handset.

SoundBud Sport NB10: Summary and Conclusion
This handset is a good solution for fitness activities, as it is lightweight, offers comfort and adjusts firmly without losing comfort. It is not totally waterproof, but it can withstand rain and sweat. The buttons are well positioned, within reach of the finger and work as expected. The sound quality is just ok. It’s clear, but that’s the least I expect from a headset. The truth is, overall, this question does not excite.

The microphone is also not very sensitive, the person you’re talking to listens to you far. In very noisy surroundings, it is difficult to communicate in a phone call. The battery life, about 6 hours, is good, even more so for a lightweight and small handset.

In the end, if you want to spend around $ 200 on a handset that delivers the basics, the NB10 Sport can be a good call.

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