We tested the LG G7 ThinQ: great experience for below average price

An elegant, powerful smartphone that bets on artificial intelligence features. The G7 ThinQ! It is LG’s latest release.

The G7 ThinQ has screen with minimal edges, no button on the front, digital player just below the rear camera and … a notch! Yes, the handset has that top cut on the screen, and the interesting thing is that LG added a way to hide that detail through a simple setup of the system and worked well.

The new G7 has a screen ratio of 19 by 9, which means it’s a bit taller than the conventional one. But LG did a great job of drawing it. After all, these straight edges and the narrower body make the G7 ThinQ very ergonomic and do not give the feeling that it can fall at any moment. Speaking of falls, the device features Gorilla Glass 5 protection and is also water resistant. So, you can give that tap on the tap if it gets dirty. But not to abuse, huh!

The G7’s 6.1-inch Quad HD screen uses an IPS LCD panel. The color balance surprises; and combined with high resolution provides a very immersive video experience. Editing: Using user pictures by watching video on mobile / device running videos alone.

The LG G7’s camera is dual and has 16 megapixels, with one of the lenses being ultra-wide-angle. That is, it will capture a larger area of ​​the image. With both sensors you can also click beautiful pictures with the background quite blurred. One of the pillars of Artificial Intelligence of the new device is exactly on the camera, which is capable of analyzing ambient light and applying automatic filters to create an even more impressive image. The same goes for places with low lighting; the G7 ThinQ instantly adjusts the brightness of each photo!

When it comes to performance, the G7 delivers a great experience. The Snapdragon 845 processor and the 4 gigabytes of RAM run games and applications without any crashes, and 64 GB of storage is sufficient.

The LG G7 ThinQ was released with Android 8.0 from the factory with a modified interface. The Korean company made good choices by integrating its own artificial intelligence services with Google applications. Oh, Google Assistant even has a dedicated button which is a hand on the wheel. Finally, the G7 ThinQ has a sound technology called Boombox, which is able to reproduce high volumes and offer good bass. But for this to work, the cell phone needs to be on a flat surface.

Now one of the great trumps of LG’s new top of the line is price. It was launched in Brazil for 4 thousand reais, which is high, but not as high as other 2018 line tops. In addition, it is already possible to find it in offers for less than 3 thousand reais.

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